ferent spin on the familiar post-apocalyptic setting. The inclusion of the ALTERNITY game rules meant that we could design a GAMMA. WORLD that was tough. Documents Similar To Alternity – Gamma World. Alternity Incident at Exile. Uploaded by. cymru devourer. Alternity Star Drive Klick Clack. Gamma World – Campaign Setting for Alternity – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Role-play in the wacky, futuristic, post-apocalyptic world .

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Beginning players should find it easy to learn, and aternity are challenged to create a playable, balanced world. Gamma World 2 nd edition Basic Rules Booklet cover. The 3rd edition of Gamma World was another boxed altednity, credited to James M.

For example, a player might obtain the result “Radioactive Yeti” and gain the powers associated with the “Radioactive” and “Yeti” origins. In a nod to Gamma World’ gakma reputation for being repeatedly revised, the book’s back cover states “That’s right, it’s the return of the Gamma World “. For other actions such as determining the wotld of radiation exposurethe matrix result indicates a non-negotiable result.

A recurrent source of conflict on Gamma World is the rivalry among the “Cryptic Alliances”, semi-secret societies whose ideological agendas—usually verging on monomania —often bring them into conflict with the rest of the Gamma World.

It borrowed heavily from Ward’s earlier product, Metamorphosis Alpha. The fifth and sixth editions though would relegate Gamma World to that of a Campaign Setting and require the core books to play. Instead of choosing a character class, a player had to roll a twenty-sided die two times and consult an accompanying character origin table.


Ward and Gary Jaquet. Steve Jackson Games Color-coded tables were something of a trend at TSR in mids.

Gamma World – Wikipedia

In addition, random “boosters” of “Alpha Mutation” and “Omega Tech” cards for players are gamam separately in packs of eight. The original Gamma World boxed set containing a page rulebook, a map of a devastated North America, and dice was released in Characters explore Ancient ruins and strange post-apocalyptic societies to gain knowledge of the Ancients and laternity status for themselves.

The Rules Supplement was sent to gamers who requested it by mail, and included in reprintings of the boxed set. In AugustWhite Wolf announced that it was reverting the rights to publish Gamma World products back to Wizards of the Coast, putting the game out of print again.

Alternity – Gamma World

Character generation is mostly random, and features one of the game’s most distinctive mechanics, the mutation tables. Some, such as the and, to a lesser degree the edition, feature advanced technology that is well known and often easily available.

Views Read Edit View history. The ACT requires the referee to cross-reference the difficulty of a character action with the ability score used to complete that action, wrld which column of the ACT is used for that action. Gamma World is a chaotic, dangerous environment that little gama pre-apocalyptic Earth.

The war that destroyed civilization in Gamma World is only vaguely described in most editions of the game, and what details are provided change from version to version:.

For example, the Pure Strain Human “Knights of Genetic Purity” seek to exterminate all mutants, while the all-mutant “Iron Society” wants to eliminate unmutated humans. Characters in most versions of Gamma World earn experience points during their adventures, which cause the character’s Rank in some editions, Level to increase.

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Tormentor’s Virtual Wasteland: Alternity Mutant Generator

Two modules and two accessories were released for this version:. The post-apocalyptic inhabitants of Earth now refer to their planet as “Gamma Altdrnity or “Gamma Terra” in later editions. Attributes, mutations, and skills were also randomly assigned.

In contrast, super-science artifacts in earlier editions were risky to use due to the average Gamma World character not knowing how to properly operate such devices, or possibly even what the device is at all.

The basic box included 80 non-random cards. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat Some 4th edition rules enhancements for the setting include new damage types such as “Radiation”, Gamma World-specific skills, and increased lethality.

The five modules TSR published for Gamma World’s 3rd edition introduced the setting’s first multi-module metaplotwhich involved rebuilding an ancient ‘sky chariot’:. Grenadier Miniatures also supported the game, with a line of licensed miniatures.

TSR also produced four packs of Gamma World miniatures. Custom 1 st —4 th edition Alternity 5 th edition d20 System 6 th -7 th edition. The 5th version of Gamma World altsrnity a supplement for the science-fiction game Alternity. Two decks of cards comprising the core of a Collectible Card Game are included with the game.