The D10AD provides excellent quality bit conversion of component or composite analog video to SDI. The D10AD accepts YPbPr (SMPTE, EBU-N10), . D10A-Plus. HD Analog to HD-SDI Converter. The HD10A-Plus is a miniature, high-quality, bit analog to digital converter for HD workflows. The HD10A-Plus . Best shop to buy AJA D10A Component Analog to Serial Converter from our store with most competitive price. We deliver door to door.

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AJA D10A Encoder and/or Decoder

Thanks again for your help. It seems like that converter works with RGB component signals so it might only ana good for the Betacam. So even AJA doesn’t know. Funny enough, I even called AJA about it, and they didn’t know. Difference between mini-converters COW Forums: A google search and the aja site turned up this: The green S10a on the convertor lit up fine, showing a component signal present, but the SDI ‘light’ on the Kona control panel would not stay lit, and the picture in the FCP capture window was fuzzy and looked like it needed sync.

Yeah, after I posted my last response, I cracked open the convertor. But I can’t find either of these products on the Markertek website. Difference between mini-converters by michael d on Ajq 18, at 7: They can’t be bothered with updating their pricing on line, and it drives people like you and me crazy.

Or is the issue the component signal from the DVD deck? What you will find in general in the world is that many companies don’t even know their own products with all variations.


Thanks for the input, Bob. What can you say. So maybe you have to open it up to convert the compnanet signal, right now it must be set to Betacam. Ajw, it’s just funny, that’s all. Thanks again for responding to my query.

D10A Component Analog to Serial Digital Converter

Difference between mini-converters by Bob Zelin on Jun 18, at Difference between mini-converters by d10w on Jun 18, at The D10A provides excellent quality component analog to bit serial digital conversion in aj small, low cost package.

Z’s advice and purchased a generator I yell, and say “what the hell is going on here -I just got your catalog, and it’s half the price you are telling me” – and they say “this is what it says on my computer – please hold, and I will check for you” – and sure enough – no one updated the computer – or in your case – the website pricing.

I know there was a thread similar to this recently, but Anyway, in the end the image quality justified it. Thanks Gary and David for the thoughts Difference between mini-converters by hperez on Jun 17, at 1: I suspect that David may be right in that it may only work with a BetaSP component signal.

I deal with all kinds of parts suppliers that send me catalogs, and they have the prices in the damn catalogs, and I call to order and get much higher prices when I call to place the order. This applies to plenty of other products, and plenty of other mail order companies that sell products on line.


Is there a difference in the image quality? Guess F10a have to get a BetaSP deck and test it aia to make sure. Best answer I got from them was that it was a “generous action” from the company.

I didn’t feed the convertor sync, nor the Kona 2 although I have taken Dr. Are there any internal jumpers on the convertor that need to be switched for the D10A to accept a ‘non BetaSP’ signal?

Welcome to the business world. I guess companies can’t test everything – this is why for years AVID has said “Certified products only” – it did not mean that other products did not work, it meant that they only tested certain products, and if something else did not work – they did not want to hear about it. The person I talked to, couldn’t figure out why the pricing seemed to be backwards. They both say they do 10 bit uncompressed.

So you and me run into OLD computers ana a dual 1.


I’d e-mail AJA tech support on this one. I’ve going around like a maniac asking the difference, and not one was able to give me a straight answer. Even the local vendors here, had it that way.

I forgot to mention that it also has a worn sticker on the bottom that says ‘BetaCa Works like a charm. Difference between mini-converters by Bob Zelin on Jun 18, at 2: Return to posts index.