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It is possible to conciliate reducing broiler struggling during shackling with light comfort of workers of the shackling area. The expected value was 39, readings in minutes 39, seconds.

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Effect of light intensity on broiler behaviour and diurnal rhythms. Adequate positioning and distribution of light sources stimulate birds to seek feed, water, and heat during the starter phase.

After data in the old area was collected, the new lighting of the new shackling area was designed, and measurements were made. The company works with a single broiler genetic strain Cobb Services on Demand Journal.

The size of the lighting system also considered shackling area dimensions width, length, heightestimated reflections of the roof, walls, and floor, and light flow of the blue fluorescent lamps. The peaks of sensitivity of three types of cones in the human eye allow the perception of primary colors: Temperature was measured using a thermometer Instrutherm, model TGD with a data logger, and a hygrometer. These issues are related, as discussed by Gregory in an article on animal welfare and carcass hygiene.


The objective of this study was to investigate if blue lighting could reduce broiler stress and comply with legal labor comfort requirements in a new shackling area of a middle-size processing plant. Koknaroglu H, Akunal T. All the contents of this journal, except jbr otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

In the first step, an existing shackling sector was evaluated. Considering processing line speed and observation intervals, approximately 67, broilers were observed or 33, in the old shackling area and 33, in the new shackling area. Environmental noise was measured using a decibel meter every second, simultaneously to 13 daily videorecordings. Xbnt number is abjt high when compared with the number of conventional lamps that would be required because the light flow of the blue lamps available in the market is only lumen, and because the area is relatively high 5.

Lighting in the shackling area: conciliating broiler welfare with labor comfort

Using the information on the environment and utilization and depreciation factor, the number of lamps required to obtain the desired light intensity of lux in the new shackling area was calculated as In addition of the recordings, the following data were measured: It should be noted aabnt better abng allows better worker performance, as they will have less problems in shackling the broilers because ant can see better what they are doing, which will also result in less broiler trauma and bruises.

The higher variability of the old area is due to the influence of natural lighting. Sector A included the distance between the last shackling station and the entrance to the stunner. The old and new areas were video- and audio-recorded during the shackling of 33, broilers in each area. Lighting was measured in three different points of the video-recorded shackling line beginning, middle, endat birds’ head height.


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Protocolo de bem-estarparafrangos e perus [cited Set 13]. Therefore, a required average light intensity of lux was determined NBR The use of reduced light intensity and blue work clothes are recommended in order not to startle the birds and to transmit calmness Komiyama, Ludtke, and Abnh, Applied Animal Behaviour Science ; According to the measurements, the new shackling area has better lighting; however, this not result in more bird activity wing flapping or more stress Barbosa et al.

Data collection between the old and the new area was carried out as close as possible, but It was not possible to be simultaneous because of the works in the plant at the time of first collection. The alternative hypothesis was that there was more wing-flapping in the old area compared with the new area H: The new area presented less environmental variability, possibly because it presented better insulation from the external area nnbr with the old area.

Machine vision to identify broiler breeder behavior. Lewis PD, Morris T. As previously mentioned, light intensity was measured at three points 1, 2 and 3according to shackling flow.